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Important Notice! // 2017
Please note! The order / contact system are not operational at this moment!
It is unclear as to what caused it and for how long it's not been working. It's possible that the used system is out of date or no longer functional. Fortunately one of the customers has contacted us directly to notify about the issue. But unfortunately all trials to resolve the problem have not bring fruit so far.

For now, for orders and questions you can contact directly via

Interior // 9.07.2016
New items & updates:
- Sugar Spoons (in Props > Dinnerware & Tools)
- Sakura & Thai Bowls (in Props > Dinnerware & Tools)
- Retro Chairs (in Props > Decor & Accents)
- Buddha Statue (in Props > Decor & Accents)

Curio Specimen // 22.06.2016
New items & updates:
- Moss Specimen (in Accessories > Steampunk Realm > Ethel's Curio)
- Gemstone Displays (in Accessories > Steampunk Realm > Ethel's Curio)
- Butterflies & Shells Shadowboxes (in Accessories > Steampunk Realm > Ethel's Curio)

Soon to be updated:
- Dinnerware and interior decorations

Curio Cabinet // 21.06.2016
Major updates in Ethel's Curio section (in Accessories > Steampunk Realm > Ethel's Curio)
New items added include:
- Display shells
- Specimen vials

- Added pictures of bronze Royal cutlery (Props > Dinnerware & Tools)

Maps // 21.05.2015
New items & updates:
- Antique maps (in Props > Books & Paperwork)

Soon to be updated:
- Curio display stuff!

Books & Lamps // 18.08.2014

New items & updates:
- Macaron Charms (in Jewelry)
- Books & Paperwork section added (in Props > Books & Paperwork)
- Romantic Books (in Props > Books & Paperwork)
- Retro Lamps (in Props > Decor & Accents)
- Crystal Ball (in Accessories > Carnival of Lost > Dark Tales)
- Bottles (in Props > Antique)

Cutlery // 03.08.2014
New items & updates:
- "Royal" cutlery (in Props > Dinnerware & Tools)
- Decorative glass bottles (in Props > Antique)
- Hand drill - a great solution for doll ears and earrings! (in Related > Miscellaneous)

Soon to be updated:
- More glass bottles

Statues & Cards // 22.07.2014
New items & updates:
- Animal statues (in Props > Decor & Accents)
- Botanic cards (in Accessories > Steampunk Realm > Ethel's Curio)
- Eyewear updated to the current stock (in Accessories > Eyewear)

Soon to be updated:
- New cutlery

Clocks and pendulums // 14.07.2014
New items & updates:
- New designs pendulums added (in Accessories > Carnival of Lost > Dark Tales)
- "Morbid" clocks (Accessories > Steampunk > Masters of Times)
- Fairytales Inc. section removed. The "Drink Me" potions are moved to General Carnival Accessories, the cutlery and napkins are moved to props.
- "Ethel's Curio" section has been added, precious metals and laboratory items are moved there (in Accessories > Steampunk Realm > Ethel's Curio).

New Antiques // 13.07.2014
New items:
- A whole bunch of new metal vintage items (in Props > Antique)

Soon to be updated:
- Clocks
- Glass bottles
- Merging of Fairytales Inc. for a new line

LDoll Festival // 07.10.2011

I received quite some messages regarding the LDoll Festival, held in France on 8th and 9th of October, so thought I should make a post regarding it.

Although I won't be present at the festival itself (maybe next year?), a variety of my goodies will be available at the stand of Dust of Dolls, two French doll artists.
I hope this has cleared some things up, and for the ones who will be attending the festival - Have a wonderful time!!

Apothecary // 12.06.2011

After some trial and error own St.Lunatic Pharmacy label has finally been launched.
With the first two items of the collection: Smelling Salts and Hyacinthum pills.

The highly infamous laudanum and witchy herb jars are in design progress.

Shoes in the City! // 30.11.2010

Proud to present December Special: Absolutely stunning 'Athena' pumps.
These deliciously couture botees are professionaly handcrafted by shoe designer Olivia Chao using rich fabrics faux leather for back detail and straps.

Available in four different colors, and sold in limited quantities exclusively by Olivia herself and me.

New site Launched! // 01.07.2010

Hello and welcome back! As you can see today the new site has been launched, finally. I know that you all have been waiting for the return (& updating!) and I really hope you will like the new homepage. It's not updated completely yet, but I'm working hard on it and will add 2-6 items a day. So just have a look around the pages and let me know what you think!

Thank you for visiting. Cheers!